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Practise fitness related dialogs so you can join any Fitness Studio with ease.

The B2 Level course helps gym lovers practise 5 conversations in form of role plays that assist in memorising convenient phrases so they can book a free trial, ask for a round tour, inquire about the joining fees and ultimately join a gym with ease.


Learn how to shop like a German in Berlin so you can experience a unique shopping spree.

This MINI course on "shopping in Berlin" helps tourists who love fashion learn how to ask specific questions and use practical phrases so they can make the most out of the German shopping experience. Level: For learners who are at the end of A1.


German A1 Foundation - Milestone 1. The professional & fun start for your exam prep.

FREE chapter 1. I guide absolute beginner learners through the 1st part of A1 Level. Whether you'd love to pass the A1 exam with ease in future or start A2 Level confidently, then this course is for you. Get 50% off Milestone 2. Limited offer!!


German A1 Foundation - Milestone 2

This course builds seamlessly onto Milestone 1. Learn how to talk about your home, how to tell the time, how to make appointments and organise meet ups with friends Get 50% off while Milestone 2 is being created if you enrol in Milestone 1!


Since friends are a big part of your Life you'll learn how to introduce a friend in German.

In this FREE superquick mini course you will learn, how to introduce someone informally. A friend to a friend. Learn the he/she form of a regular verb in no time and learn how to respond to someone being introduced to you. Level: A1- Part II


Introduce yourself in German with 7 statements so that you break the ice with any German quickly.

In this FREE superquick mini course you'll learn how to introduce yourself with 7 statements, how to greet and get some valuable insight about when Germans actually use the phrase "How are you". Level: A1- Part I