a little about me

Hey there! I'm Susanne:)

Creativity plays a huge part in my Life and it strongly influences the way I teach, the way I think and am.  

AlI my Life I have been a passionate Contemporary Dancer and I also am teaching Yoga.  

Through Dance it is that I can think, learn and teach outside the box and through Yoga it is that I learn and teach with focus and clarity with the awareness that the body, mind and brain are indeed ONE. It may not come as a surprise then that most students learning with me are artists. 

Besides I am holding a solid postgraduate University degree in the field of linguistics, in the two majors "German as Foreign Language" and "Spanish Studies" as a Magistra Artium degree from University Leipzig, the Herder Institute. Just in case you wondered whether I can show any credentials in teaching German ;) 

I loved lecturing at Sydney University in Australia for 9 years and the unique opportunity to be the German Tutor for GOOGLE employees during a few years as well. Then I received more and more inquiries for private tutoring around the world and once I wasn't able to accept all requests the idea of creating online courses was born.

Teaching and learning languages are my passion. When students find value in my teachings it is the most rewarding gift for me. Since I am a Freelancer I get to travel a lot and it keeps me engaged with languages, people from all over the world, cultures, mind sets and landscapes. My little camera (which is rather old and basic though) accompanies me everywhere and seeing the world through my students perspective but also through the Lens of my camera keeps me on my toes to stay open minded to never see Life and language learning as one certain principle with regulated rules, but rather as something that is unique for everyone and needs to be explored.

Currently I am studying "Mindset Coaching" online at Impact Theory University, as I further want to deepen my knowledge about brain function related to learning. That will allow me greater insight in developing online courses that are not just relevant but hugely effective. 

From August 2020 I will be studying intensively Contemporary Dance in Berlin, as my vision is to teach a fusion of Yoga inspired by Contemporary dance. I am not just a Language Instructor, because I believe we humans are not just one thing, we are complex.