• Why should I purchase your premium Milestone courses? What makes them unique?

    It's easy for me to put myself in the physical shoes of a Language learner as I have been learning, travelling and teaching for the past 16 years. Not only do I know exactly what Language learning feels like & what obstacles come along with it but I also understand what it means to learn and immerse oneself in another culture. Language goes beyond the verbal. Communication are not just words or grammar. I have never had the privilege to be guided by an experienced Language learner of the now that has also the Credentials of teaching on top of it. Once I realised that I always was interested in learning Languages but never had the Teachers that inspired me, I decided to take on this challenge and provide what I wasn't able to receive on my language learning journey. The Teachers I had surely had their Credentials on paper but weren't those experienced Tutors or Learners that would have sparked something within me. You know, those that go out into the world to learn and teach within different contexts, cultures and countries. They didn't understand what I needed and wanted. Before I started creating online courses, I have been teaching 12 years almost daily and I am blessed having been able to meet and guide people from all kinds cultures with so diverse language learning goals. It was a privilege to teach at GOOGLE and Sydney University while living 10 years in Australia, yet nevertheless every single person that contacted me and shared their vision about why they want to learn impacted me. The story behind their journey inspired me so much that I had to be able to create different teaching techniques for those very diverse goals and personalities. Today I am very eager to share my knowledge and skills with anyone here and would love to provide the value to everyone in the world.

  • I am worried that this is a "one course fits all". How can I know whether it suits my learning style and personality?

    Whereas I teach grammar and sentence structure in a very methodical and progressive way, so the learner can really feel the step by step skill acquisition, I kept in mind that every learner and therefore every learning style is different and unique. I integrated into each chapter so called "Creative Exercises" that will provide you with the opportunity of being creative YOUR way and explore the language the way you want to. That means within those tasks is enough space and freedom given to write a text the way you want to or to come up with your own dialogue ... The inspiration, the vocabulary and the skillset to create sentences will be provided within that chapter, so you will be able to experience German your way and actually get to apply the skills you learned. You will be absolutely capable of creating a letter or a poem as the tools will be given to you. I invite you to submit these Creative Exercises and I will send you personal constructive feedback on all of those!

  • Are the premium course fees justified?

    Yes! I am absolutely certain that the courses will make a difference in your Life as they accomplish the promised outcome and produce results. The 10 chapters with a very generous amount of progressive lessons within them is comparable to a 1 semester course at University of about 25 hours. However that is just the teaching content, don't forget the "now is your turn, time to apply so you can retain" content. I am not cutting corners in terms of value and provide therefore assistance via email should there be any questions while being enrolled in the course. Within the Dashboard of your course is a student discussion forum that can be used to leave questions and anyone within the course can comment and leave feedback. The first chapter is unlocked for free and there is also a 30 day money back guarantee (minus 13% transaction fees). But you will get to keep all Worksheets you downloaded even if you ask for your money back.

  • What if I change my mind or I get stuck within the course?

    No worries! I am sure you won't get stuck, however, simply contact me asap sending me an email to german.effortless@gmail.com or contact me through the social media or support buttons, which you find on the bottom my website. My quick answer is guaranteed and I won't ask any questions if you would like your money back. Simply tell me the main reason why you didn't like the course, so I have a chance to improve the course. And don't forget to contact me within the first 30 days of purchase. Anyhow, should you get stuck within the course or should you need help, contact me anytime and I will quickly respond.

  • Can I trust you?

    Absolutely yes. I would like to mention my website for 1on1 Tutoring where students have been contacting me for over 7 years now regards private tutoring. You will be able to read many Testimonials and read more info about my vision and my mission there. So, please go to: https://www.susannegermantutoring.com/en/home/

  • I am not very experienced with online courses, will it be easy for me to navigate through the lessons?

    It is super easy. I created it in a way that you really wouldn't need any technical skills. For downloading and filling in Worksheets on your Desktop I recommend "Acrobate Reader". But that and anything else you need to know is quickly explained in my Introductory chapter. I have had students 12 years of age and also students 84 years of age working through the courses and they found it very easy and self explanatory. But in case there are questions, I will always answer any questions and assist you.

  • Is there a mobile number I can contact?

    I happily provide my what's app number and it would be best to just text me as I usually am somewhere teaching. Also the time difference between countries make placing calls less suitable. I promise that I will get back to you asap. If it's not urgent I suggest emailing me. Thank you! what's app me on: +61 4 35 166 773 email: german.effortless@gmail.com

  • Are the A1 Milestone 1+ 2 courses exam preparation courses ?

    These courses teach you A1 Level and are not exam paper preparation courses. The German Foundation Milestone 1+2 are fundamentally A1 exam FOUNDATION courses. I'll be teaching exactly how I would teach at University laying the ground knowledge that is important for even being able considering taking part in the A1 exam. That being said, it is also the perfect course for those who are not looking to work toward any exam, the learning journey is the same. If you have already completed A1 Level, then these courses are not suitable for you. If you need to lay the groundwork for your A1 Level skillset then these courses are for you. I created those in a way that they are suitable for University students as well as learners that want to learn for leisure. I will create Milestone 3+4 to be able to provide the entire A1 Foundation for you, so you can then prepare for your exam and practise some exam tasks