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    Lesson 1: neue Vokabeln

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    • Willkommen message from Susanne

    • pieces of clothing part I

    • practise the new vocabulary

    • pieces of clothing part II

    • practise the new vocabulary

    • test yourself!

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    Lesson 2: ein Geschäft betreten

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    • Farben und Endungen

    • what to say when entering a shop

    • Dialog when entering a shop

    • test yourself

  • 03

    Lesson 3: nach der Größe fragen und anprobieren

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    • how to ask for a size and trying it on

    • Dialog: Größe wählen und anprobieren

    • extra dialog for real fashionistas:)

    • test yourself

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    Lesson 4: bezahlen

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    • paying at the check out counter

    • Dialog: an der Kasse bezahlen

    • Bring den Dialog in die richtige Reihenfolge

    • creative exercise - change the dialog

    • test yourself!

    • my personal shopping tip Berlin

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    Congratulations! Next Steps...

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    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

    • please rate this course :)


Estelle Yoon

“This mini course of 'Shopping in Berlin' was absolutely helpful in learning basic but fundamental vocabulary for all the fashionistas out there. Generously taught with video clips, audio clips, exercises, simple tests, etc made my learning experie...”

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“This mini course of 'Shopping in Berlin' was absolutely helpful in learning basic but fundamental vocabulary for all the fashionistas out there. Generously taught with video clips, audio clips, exercises, simple tests, etc made my learning experience more engaging, fun and effortlessly embedding. I highly recommend taking a look in this mini course and learning various tips presented by Susanne!”

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What you will gain

  • never feel awkward again and know exactly how to respond when being approached by the shop assistant & learn also the very important phrase: "I am just browsing"

  • acquire the skill of how to name most clothing pieces and colours in German, so you can pretty much ask for anything you are looking for

  • feel inspired by a brief lesson on adjective endings for colours and how to construct your simple questions

  • after completion of this course you will know how to ask for a certain size and what to ask when wanting to try it on

  • receive valuable insight on how to pay at the check out counter and never feel lost for words

  • + + + PLUS + + + my personal shopping tip in Berlin

Instructor M.A. Susanne Richter

When I first started teaching German in 2007, I had to confront a lot of challenges. I had no idea if I would ever be able to be a good German Language Tutor and make my students happy although I learned 2 Foreign Languages to fluency and I was holding a solid postgraduate University degree in "German as Foreign Language" and "Spanish studies" from University Leipzig, Germany.

So, I taught years at Sydney University, Highschools and private language schools and learned as much as I could along the way, and here I am. Now let me save you the time and trouble of learning German on your own. I’ve helped hundreds of people get to where they want to go with their learning goals.

I promise to you that with your passion and my know how, I’ll get you there too. You will learn faster and feel more confident and empowered to converse with anyone in German. You will feel secure in sentence structure and grammar as well as in pronunciation. And last but not least, you will know how to use learning strategies to improve your knowledge on your own.

I was born and raised in Germany. These days I am spending my time tutoring in Dresden, Berlin and in Sydney. Travelling enriches my Life and expands my mind. My little old camera is always there with me so I can capture the uniqueness of places and landscapes. Yoga and Meditation is another important part of my Life and so I became a Yoga Instructor so I could serve more language learners in their way of learning. The skills I gained from learning meditation and having practised meditation for many, many years are being more and more integrated by me and received very well by students who lack focus, are stressed or easily distracted.

My passion other than teaching German and learning languages is dance. Contemporary Dance inspires me to be creative beyond imagination.

Currently I'm studying "mind coaching" with Impact Theory as an online course where I get insight into habit forming, mechanics of learning and brain function.

Susanne Richter

Magistra Artium in German as Foreign Language and Spanish Studies

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“I was looking for online lessons as I didn't have time to attend my usual classes and I wanted to continue learning German. I wanted to be able to catch up to my next class and ensure that I was at the right level, particularly with grammar and speech skills. The Skype lessons were very convenient and Susanne has been an attentive teacher, helping me to improve in many areas and ensuring that I did not miss anything. I highly recommend her as an online tutor and anyone who wishes to have additional tutoring on top of face-to-face German classes should give her a try. ”

Writer from Sydney, A1 Level German


“I started German lessons after meeting my (very-soon-to-be) wife! So initially I wanted to surprise my then girlfriend with a few German phrases. From that came the desire to learn German as a second language as my life could very well take me to Germany on a more permanent basis. I found Suzanne’s details online and after some research and arranging a face to face meeting it was clear that her credentials were better than most I had discovered. When it came to the lessons I found that her teaching style very much suited my learning style. Susanne runs classes in a friendly and relaxed way, she is very understanding of busy work schedules and has often been very accommodating in last minute changes (sorry!). Being a native German speaker she also offers great insight into the German way of life, backing up the learning of the language with information on cultural differences, history and comparisons with the English language. She has been a huge help in my understanding of the language and I look forward to becoming as fluent as I can. Do yourself a favour and book with Suzanne! ”