• Maximilian Davis

    “I thought it would be difficult to motivate myself working through an online course by myself. However, I was really surprised to notice, that the lessons are short, yet very effective. That makes it for me super easy to log on and set as a goal t...”

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    “I thought it would be difficult to motivate myself working through an online course by myself. However, I was really surprised to notice, that the lessons are short, yet very effective. That makes it for me super easy to log on and set as a goal to just do at least one lesson a day or every second day. Susanne teaches you something, boils her message down to the essence without talking a lot, only in a few slides or short videos. After that there is a lot opportunity given ( I love the diversity) to apply the just new learned things. I love the Audio exercises a lot and especially that Susanne motivates you to speak and hold conversations (even if only with her or myself) What a difference it makes when you can put into practise the new learned vocabulary, sentences and sentence structure. It's interesting that she manages to prepare very clearly and focussed for the A1 exam step by step, yet anyone not wanting to prepare fo an exam will be delighted to feel the ease that one feels by working through the course. Susanne makes sure that everything included is of high quality, yet I never feel overwhelmed or tired of information. There is something about her skill to transmit complex information into tiny easy to digest chunks. I really think that's what I need. What I really appreciate, is the fact, that I can email Susanne with extra questions and she always answers within 48 hours and knowing that she is really caring makes the online course so much more valuable to me. When I submitted the Creative Exercises she even sent me valuable feedback too. Not many online courses offer that. I feel I could click through a billion of you tube videos to learn chunks here and there. And the videos are all great. But what Susanne is offering is a course that will take years of research of your Life time and is in a logical order in progressing. I acquire so many skills and keep building on them. Very cool indeed! ”

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“Susanne is a joy to have as a teacher. She is full of enthusiasm and patience, has a stellar knowledge of German and is able to perfectly tailor lessons to your goals. I initially thought that lessons over Skype might be difficult, but it turned out to be one of the best parts of learning with Susanne. She is very flexible and it was so easy to schedule lessons whenever suited me, and we never had difficulties with internet speeds or lag. For me, taking lessons would've been almost impossible with a face to face tutor because of university, work, overseas travel and a generally hectic schedule, so I'm very grateful for Susanne's lessons which let me continue to study German. Cannot recommend any more highly! ”

Susanne's 1on1 student, installation & light artist


“Susanne is a highly experienced German teacher. She will answer your questions about grammar in ways that are easy to understand. Her supportive teaching style will also encourage you to leave you comfort zone. This has especially helped me with speaking and improvising. After self-studying German for years and feeling stuck, practicing with Susanne has boosted my progress in a few short months. I now feel confident that I can become fluent in German. Not only does Susanne have excellent knowledge of German – she is a caring and dedicated teacher who wants you to succeed. Whether you are learning German for fun or practical reasons, I highly recommend taking lessons with Susanne. ”

Susanne's 1on1 student, accountant


“I'm a linguist and a serial language learner, so I have tried out a lot of language-learning products. I found this course to be incredibly well-structured, with small manageable lessons, and a platform that really encourages sustained use. I worked on this course during a pretty busy time in my life but I was still motivated to log in each day and do at least a little bit. It is easy to squeeze in a little bit of learning, even if you only have 15 minutes. In the end it took me about a month to complete, but I could have done it much faster if I put in more time each day. After I completed the course, I signed up for my first lesson with another German tutor (not Susanne, only because I'm in a very different timezone) and he was really impressed at my ability. I had started from zero and this course was my only method of study for a month, so he couldn't believe I was already chatting and understanding him from the beginning of our first meeting! Definitely try it out if you want to learn some basic German!”

professional Beta Tester for my online course, American Linguist & digital Nomad & serial language learner

Sara Maria Husban

Course curriculum

Begin your adventure to improving your speaking skills

What makes this course unique? You will feel a natural progression and a skill acquisition. It's not just a German course that someone pulls out of a hat in the last minute because it might become popular and gets shared on social media. I want to make it effortless for you, but most importantly worth your while.

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The benefits you will receive

  • feel safely guided by Susanne, a qualified, experienced & knowledgeable German Language Lecturer, one on one Coach & German Native. Furthermore you will enjoy her sense of creativity in this Language course because of her Life long passion for Contemporary dance and her skills as a Yoga Teacher.

  • enjoy a course that is suitable as your 1st step toward your A1 exam foundation & at the same time for leisure purposes

  • optimise learning time and learning efficiency with a course that focusses on logical and meaningful progress in as least time as possible & be given amazing inside throughout with high-quality information that is organised and delivered in a format that is convenient to you

  • take joy in the luxury to learn speedy, focussed, efficient and actively and look forward to tips and tricks for easy-breezy learning

  • fall in love with learning creatively and varied by unlocking videos, presentations, quizzes, worksheets, listening & speaking exercises

  • engage in active conversations within role plays & sense, feel and retain the new language skills as you actively listen, speak, read and converse and as you apply your knowledge by writing your own texts

  • + + + BONUS + + + 7 Creative Exercises + + + bring your understanding of German to a whole new Level by being creative and expressive. You will feel inspired to write your own texts or change a text to your liking, you get to experiment to create something new with the elements you have learned. Explore therefore German Language playfully and improve independently that suits your style and personality. You will receive constructive & personal Feedback from me for those creative exercises

  • + + + PLUS + + + Student Discussion forum + + + Within the dashboard of the course you can drop comments or questions and anyone enrolled in the course can answer and engage

  • + + + 30 DAY MONEY BACK guarantee minus 13% transaction fees + + + I'm certain that you will love this course, however, if for any reason you feel unhappy about the course outcome just email me and I'll issue a refund (your money paid minus 13%). Since those 13% would go lost within transaction, you will receive a 60min 1on1 class on Skype. Yes, correct, you ask for your money back and because I want to make up for the 13% transaction cost, you receive a free 1on1 class. There are only 2 conditions: 1) email me within the first 30 days of joining and 2) tell me the main reason why you weren't happy with the course, so I have a chance to make it better.

  • Instructor M.A. Susanne Richter

    When I first started teaching German in 2007, I had to confront a lot of challenges. I had no idea if I would ever be able to be a good German Language Tutor and make my students happy although I learned 2 Foreign Languages to fluency and I was holding a solid postgraduate University degree in "German as Foreign Language" and "Spanish studies" from University Leipzig, Germany.

    So, I taught years at Universities, Highschools and private language schools and learned as much as I could along the way, and here I am. Now let me save you the time and trouble of learning German on your own. I’ve helped hundreds of people get to where they want to go with their learning goals.

    I promise to you that with your passion and my know how, I’ll get you there too. You will learn faster and feel more confident and empowered to converse with anyone in German. You will feel secure in sentence structure and grammar as well as in pronunciation. And last but not least, you will know how to use learning strategies to improve your knowledge on your own.

    I was born and raised in Germany. These days I am spending my time in Dresden, Berlin and in Sydney. Travelling enriches my Life and expands my mind. My little old camera is always there with me so I can capture the uniqueness of places and landscapes. Yoga and Meditation is another important part of my Life and so I became a Yoga Instructor so I could serve more language learners in their way of learning. The skills I gained from learning meditation and having practised meditation for many, many years are being more and more integrated by me and received very well by students who lack focus, are stressed or easily distracted.

    My passion other than teaching German and learning languages is dance. Contemporary Dance inspires me to be creative beyond imagination.

    Susanne Richter

    Magistra Artium in German as Foreign Language and Spanish Studies

    Susanne Richter

Simplify your learning journey. Enjoy the action plan laid out for you

30 hours of teaching Material = $15 per hour = $449 in total. Don't forget the extra hours you will be spending on all the diverse practise Material!

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